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MD Saleh Ahammad

International Digital Marketing Consultant and SEO Expert

MD Saleh Ahammad - Digital Marketing Consultant

About me

“Hello, I’m Md. Saleh Ahammad (Fahim), an International Digital Marketing Consultant and SEO Specialist. With over 6 years of experience, I specialize in optimizing online presence and crafting effective strategies for small and medium businesses. Let’s collaborate to enhance your digital footprint!

My Experience In Digital Marketing Services

MD Saleh Ahammad - Digital Marketing Consultant and SEO specialist

I am an experienced SEO Specialist and Social Media Marketing Expert. I have been working in digital marketing for over 6 years, providing the best Digital Marketing services for small businesses and I know how to help your business thrive on the digital platform. My skills include Search engine optimization Service, Social media marketing, email marketing, and lead generation. I am always looking to improve my skills to provide you with the best possible Digital marketing consultancy. As the Founder of  “Growing Rank – Digital Marketing Agency” and a Digital Marketing consultant, I have Completed many Successful projects for small and medium businesses.

As a seasoned Digital Marketing Consultant and SEO Specialist with over 6 years of experience, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. My professional journey includes successfully navigating E-commerce SEO, WordPress SEO, Company SEO, Local SEO services, International SEO services, and impactful Social Media Marketing campaigns for a diverse range of small and large businesses. I am dedicated to driving online visibility and growth for my clients through strategic and results-driven digital marketing consultancy. Let’s collaborate and elevate your online presence together.

Services - Digital Marketing Specialist

After researching the client’s product/service I always make my marketing strategy that is bests for my clients. Client satisfaction is my first priority.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Market Research

Competitors Analysis

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

My Recent Clients


Digital Marketing Consultant
Marketing Consultant 98%
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO Specialist 95%
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
SMM Expert 90%
Search Engine Marketing
Display and PPC Ads Expert 80%
Lead Generation
Lead Generation Specialist 83%
Web Design and Development (WordPress)
WordPress Customization Expert 75%
Project Management
Project Manager 90%
Team Lead
Team Leader 95%
Accountant 88%

My Experience

September 2023-Present

Digital Marketing Manager

As the Digital Marketing Manager at GREC BD, I lead online strategies and campaigns to boost our presence and achieve company goals. I work with a talented team to ensure GREC BD shines in the digital world, aiming for maximum impact and success.

June 2023-December 2023

Lead Digital Marketing Specialist

As the Lead Digital Marketing Specialist at Pixency, I spearheaded strategic digital campaigns, managed a talented team, and optimized online presence.

February 2020- Present

Co-Founder and SEO expert

As Co-Founder and SEO Expert at Growing Rank, I drive our digital strategy, specializing in optimizing online visibility for clients through effective SEO practices. My role is focused on propelling both Growing Rank and our clients to success in the dynamic digital marketing landscape.

Courses & Certifications

Some of My Recent Work Portfolios

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